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How does the penis extender works to enlarge penis?

Nowadays Tissue Engineering, supported by the principle of the cellular multiplication produced when a tissue is exposed to continuous and progressive traction is employed in several areas of medicine:

Índia com argolas esticando o pescoçoÍndia com discos esticando os lábiosÍndio com canudo na orelha como se fosse um brinco

  • In Cosmetic surgery for the treatment of burn scars through the use of graft expanders.
  • In Orthopedics distraction surgery produces lengthening of bones by means of orthopedic traction devices thereby providing increased height for people of small stature.
  • In the Odontology, in the absence of enough bony tissue for a dental implant the technique of osteogenic distraction which induces the formation of bony tissue between two jaw bone segments by means of slow and progressive traction is used to gain the necessary space .
  • The effects of primitive traction lengthening techniques can also can be observed in the appearance of the lips, ears lobes and necks of representatives of the several tribal groups shown above.

Therefore, it has already been more than proven that the tissue that forms the human body is elastic and grows when submitted to a constant and progressive traction.

  • Foto do Indio com um nó no pênisThe traction Principle for PENISTEC's PENIS EXTENDER was inspired by the tribal customs of the Karamojongs of North Africa and of the Sadhus of India, whose warriors practice the ritual of suspending weights the penis thereby obtaining an increase of up to 45 cm in its length.(Photo at the side).

PENISTEC replaces the weight suspended from the Karamojong´s penis by dynamic traction.

Contrary to penile lengthening by use of weights PENISTEC's dynamic traction is controllable having a minimum tension of 0.650kg and maximum of 1,3kg that automatically adjusts itself to the different levels of tension freeing the user from having to be constantly verifying that the tension is correct, as is the case with the competitors´devices whose traction level change is manual and in use constantly changes.

This advance of PENISTEC's is due to its revolutionary design which provides precisely positioned holes in part "C" that provide preestablished tension levels.

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Obs.: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

PENISTEC is patented world-wide. We will prosecute those reponsible for any infringement of the patent rights.

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