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How to grow your penis?

1) How many centimeters will my Penis grow?
That will depend on how many hours a day and for how many months you use the PENISTEC penis enlarger.

If the instructions are followed correctly the average increase is on the order of 2 to 3 cm. in 6 months. The PENISTEC is the only extender that can increase penile length up to 25cm.

In the case of some men above 50 years of age the increase in length may be some what slower but the it will be no less effective. However, remember, the process of lengthening is slow and you will attain your objective only by having PATIENCE and DETERMINATION in the search for results.

2) Will my Penis become thinner?
No, to the contrary; there will also be an increase of approximately 15% in its circumference by the end of the treatment.

3) Can use of the PENISTEC cause impotence?
No, much to the contrary, because of the formation of new blood vessels there will be increased blood flow to the penis and consequently more satisfactory erection

4) Is the increase definitive?
Yes, when it is used in accordance with the recommendations for withdrawal from treatment otherwise the penis may return to original size.

5) Does use of the PENISTEC have any adverse side effects?
None if the instructions in the INSTRUCTION MANUAL are followed correctly.

6) Will the size of the penis when flaccid also increase?

7) Can the PENISTEC be used at any age?
Yes; it is only necessary for the person to be able to understand the instruction and recommendations.

8) Is medical consultation necessary?
Medical consultation is advisable only in the case of Peyronie's Disease other than that PENISTEC was developed so that any man would be able to use it without concern when following the INSTRUCTION MANUAL correctly.

9) How can I obtain replacement parts in the case of loss or breakage?
Access the site www.penistec.com, click on "Spare parts" and place your order.

10) Does it cause a bulge under the pants?
No, it is completely invisible. Super discreet. The only recommendation we have with respect to clothing is to avoid tight pants.

11) Can one use the device while sleeping?
No, you must not do that.

12) How long does it take to set-up the device?
With practice on average one or two minutes.

13) What is the lower limit of penile length for use of the PENISTEC?
The lower limit of length is 4 cm.

14) What should be done in case of an erection?
It is only necessary to loosen the silicone strap. With the PENISTEC that can be done through the pants or from inside a pocket.

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Obs.: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

PENISTEC is patented world-wide. We will prosecute those reponsible for any infringement of the patent rights.

How to get a bigger penis safely and discreetly? Penistec is the answer.