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Spare Parts

Ease of use - Unlike metal extenders, this extender is not detectable by security doors Banks, etc. . because it is made ??of a synthetic polymer term extremely tough.

More discreet - only has a draw-bar. Can be placed and removed 30 seconds.

Safer - has unique security cordon against falls.

Quick to deliver results - This extender is 30% FASTER IN THE PROCESS OF STRETCHING than its competitors, thanks to its unique silicone protections that protect the skin of the penis, allowing its user to use the unit for longer.


A - Base

B - Part/support connected to the base A

C - Upper part with attachment points and internal traction which provides tension automatically adjustable from a minimum of 0,65 kg to a maximum of 1.3 kg

D - Silicone retainer

E - Silicone ring

F - Spring embedded in part C

G - Safety cord

H1 - 6cm. Rod

H2 - 9cm. Rod

H3 - 12cm. Rod

H4 - 15cm Rod

H5 - 17cm Rod

I - Safety clip

J - Silicone protection for the base of the penis